Benefits of Green Tea for Hair to Make it Healthier

There are various benefits of green tea for hair if you know how to make use of green tea. Green tea contains many substances that are beneficial for our body, including our hair. You can have healthy hair and prevent hair loss by consuming green tea regularly. There have been many studies showing that green tea has great influence to your hair. The results of the researches have been well publicized, making more people interested in using green tea. The following are some of the benefits of green tea for hair.

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

Stimulate Hair Growth
One of the most popular benefits of green tea for hair is to stimulate hair growth.  Green tea contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), i.e. a powerful antioxidant which has various benefits for your body, including hair loss prevention and hair growth stimulation. A study in has been conducted in Japan to find evidence that EGCG is able to stimulate hair growth. The result was hair follicles treated with ECGC showed elongation and growth compared to control cultures. A tincture of green tea containing 10 percent of EGCG had proven to be effective in stimulating hair growth. Green tea tincture is available for in various health food stores or online stores.

Soothe Dandruff and Psoriasis
Other benefits of green tea for hair you can get are soothing dandruff and psoriasis. You can use a shampoo containing green tea when washing your hair. Otherwise, you can use green tea to rinse your hair after you have washed your hair using a shampoo. The green tea application will help you reduce scalp irritation. When selecting a shampoo containing green tea, you better check carefully the label. Look for one shampoo where green tea is written on the top of the ingredient list. You must also select one that does not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate. Those substances are responsible for scalp irritation. 

Strengthen Your Hair
You can also enjoy the other benefits of green tea for hair, such as strengthening your hair. Green tea contains panthenol, vitamin C and vitamin E. Those substances are usually used as ingredients in hair conditioner. Panthenol which is a provitamin is effective in strengthening or softening your hair as well as preventing your hair from split ends. Vitamin E is effective is restoring damaged or dry hair. Meanwhile, vitamin C is effective in protecting your hair from UV radiation. Hence, you should always select a hair product containing green tea extract or EGCG.