How To Drink Green Tea Without Losing Its Flavor

You may have learned about the benefits of green tea, but have you ever learned about how to drink green tea properly? Making and serving green tea should be done carefully in order that you can enjoy the benefits and the delicacy of the green tea. The following explains how you can make and then serve it for your daily consumption.

How to Drink Green Tea

How to Drink Green Tea

Brew the Green Tea
The first step you need to understand about how to drink green tea is to brew the green tea properly. You have to brew green tea carefully so that you can serve and drink it properly. Green tea that is not made properly will have bitter taste and no flavor. This makes the green tea undrinkable. It is better for you to use loose tea leaves rather than tea bags for higher quality drinking. First of all, you must boil water until it reaches the boiling point. Then remove it from heat and leave it for about 30-60 seconds before using it. It will cool down a little. After it cools down a little, you can pour it over a teaspoon of loose green tea leaves. Leave it for about three to five minutes, and then strain the tea leaves out.

Put the Green Tea into a Pot
After you have done brewing the green tea, the next step of how to drink green tea is to put it into a pot. Before you pour the green tea into a pot, you should rinse the pot first so that the tea won’t get cooled down. Then, what should you do to pour it into a pot? When pouring the green tea in a single cup, it doesn’t matter, but in multiple cups, you really have to do it properly. You better do it in thirds. It means you should pour the tea evenly among the three cups. The first pour is usually weaker than the last pour. So, to be able to distribute it evenly, you must fill each cup a third of the way. After that, go back and then fill once again the second third in each cup. Finally, you must fill each cup all the way. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the flavor of the green tea.

The final step of how to drink green tea is to enjoy the green tea you have made. Don’t add milk, sugar, honey or any other sweeteners so that you can get the benefits of the green tea perfectly.