Benefits of Green Tea Capsules to Maintain Your Body’s Health

There are many benefits of green tea capsules you can have when you consume them regularly. Green tea capsules containing supplements acting as natural remedies for several health problems. The supplements surely contain green tea extract. The green tea extract contains various substances such as antioxidants, chetachins and polyphenols. While, there are many green tea capsules also containing theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that has a calming effect. 

Benefits of Green Tea Capsules

benefits of green tea capsules

The Usage of Green Tea Capsules
As previously mentioned, there are many benefits of green tea capsules you will have if you consume it regularly. The following are among the benefits:
  • Losing weight
  • Preventing cancer
  • Treating cancer
  • Preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Preventing tooth decay
With the benefits mentioned above, you should not hesitate to consume it every day. Even if you consume it every day, you will not have bad effects. The only effects may be insomnia. It is likely that you will have difficulty to sleep due to the substance contains in the green tea. 

The Difference between Green Tea and Green Tea Capsules
Green tea capsules are made of green tea extract in the form of capsules. Green tea capsules are supplements that are often marketed as a means to help you increase antioxidant intake. If you decide to consume green tea capsules, it means you don’t have to drink green tea several cups a day. However, there are not many studies proving that green tea capsules have better effects compare to green tea as a beverage. The few studies, though, can be your reference to consider the consumption of green tea capsules. There are various simple benefits of green tea capsules anyway, such as the following.

Preventing Cold and Flu
One of the best benefits of green tea capsules is preventing you from having cold and flu. The cold and flu prevention have been proven by a study conducted in 2007. The study conducted for three months with a group of healthy adults. They took either green tea extract formula or placebo capsule twice a day. The result was those who consume green tea extract capsules regularly tend to have better immune system. They rarely had cold and flu symptoms compared to those who consume placebo.  

The study proved that cold and flu can be prevented by consuming green tea capsules. It takes more studies to prove other benefits of green tea capsules.