Benefits of Drinking Green Tea to Live Healthier

There are many benefits of drinking green tea you can get if you do it every day. There have been many studies proving that drinking green tea has significant influence to your body. If you have never consumed or consume it irregularly, you can start drinking green tea from now on. The following are the benefits of green tea you may have never known before.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Preventing Cancer
One of the benefits of drinking green tea is to prevent cancer. There are various cancer that can be prevented only by drinking green tea regularly, including breast, prostate, esophageal, lung, bladder, stomach, pancreatic and colorectal. Cancer can be prevented due to catechins substance found in green tea. The substance is able to deactivate carcinogens, prevent cell mutation as well as reduce the formation and the growth of tumor in your body. That is why, it is recommended that you drink at least four cups of green tea a day to get the anti-cancer benefits.

Heart Health 
You can also get other benefits of drinking green tea, such as heart health. Consuming green tea means you will have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. There have been many researches showing that drinking at least a cup of green tea regularly every day can diminish the risk of heart attack as much as 44 percent. While, other studies also showed that drinking green tea regularly can also lower cholesterol levels.

Other Benefits
As previously mentioned, there are many benefits of drinking green tea. Apart from the two benefits mentioned above, there are other benefits you can have such as preventing rheumatoid arthritis, lower high cholesterol level, preventing cardiovascular disease, treating infection and impaired immune function. The key to get these benefits is to drink green tea regularly every day. Note that you can consume it every day about 3 to 4 cups.

What Makes Green Tea Special?
You may have learned the benefits of drinking green tea just like those mentioned above. With these various benefits, you may wonder what makes green tea so special. Well, actually the secret of green tea lies in its natural substances such as catechins and polyphenols, for example EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG is antioxidant which is very powerful in fighting cancer cells. This substance kills cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue. It also lowers cholesterol levels and inhibits the formation of blood clots. With these effective specialty, don’t hesitate to drink it to get the benefits of drinking green tea.